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WVNPA: Celebrating Change

I love the nonprofit sector. I have always loved it. My favorite part is the intricate, interesting, and sometimes mystifying dynamic of nonprofit boards. If you have attended one of my sessions on board governance, you have heard me say how important it is for nonprofits and nonprofit boards to celebrate their successes. Small successes, big ones, unique ones, and even some that seem a little sad. Four years ago, I celebrated my new job as Executive Director of the West Virginia Nonprofit Association (WVNPA). In that time, we have celebrated new staff, new members, new programs, and above all, the great work that our members do every day to make the sector strong – even in the face of challenges. 

Today, I am celebrating a new chapter in my own life. My husband and I are moving from West Virginia to Wisconsin in early December for his job promotion. This celebration comes with just a touch of sadness for me as I will have to say goodbye to all of you. I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with our members, board, staff, and collaborators for nearly seven years in total and four in the Executive Director capacity here at the WVNPA. The commitment to community in this state is truly something to celebrate, and I hope you will continue to do just that even after I am shoveling snow in Wisconsin.

I will be working through the transition to a new leader and helping the WVNPA board and staff to find a great fit for this role. As members of the nonprofit sector, you will likely see a lot of information about this opportunity as the board’s hiring committee works to search for a new director. I hope you will amplify their efforts as you all have a vested interest in finding a great leader for the sector YOU have built and improved on over the years. Maybe it is even one of you!

In good board governance benchmark fashion, I invite you to celebrate this exciting change for the WVNPA by learning more HERE*. It has truly been an honor and a privilege to be part of WV’s nonprofit sector and a friend to our members. Thank you for all the great celebrations.


Tasha Anderson, PhD
Executive Director

*Application deadline is December 15th.