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WVNPA: Celebrating Change

I am incredibly grateful to assume the role of Executive Director at the West Virginia Nonprofit Association.

Nonprofits in West Virginia are no stranger to challenging and difficult times, but recent years have tested the fortitude of many of our partners and members.

As a membership and advocacy organization, our top priority is to support and nurture our partners so that they can fulfill their individual missions, ultimately achieving a collective impact for our communities.

My experience in nonprofit leadership, local governance, and community engagement has taught me a great deal about what it takes to thrive in uncertain times. That’s why I am committed to developing new and relevant programming, gathering data on members’ needs, creating more opportunities for professional development, and doubling down on our momentum as West Virginia‚Äôs greatest defender of nonprofits.

This work is not possible without your support. Our team sincerely appreciates your continued dedication to your communities, your organization’s growth, and your commitment to the values of the WVNPA.

As we embark on this new chapter of our work, I encourage you to reach out to me personally at

I look forward to working closely with you.

With gratitude,

Rosemary Ketchum
Executive Director

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