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2018 Nonprofit Leadership Summit Workshop Descriptions

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1:15 – 2:45 PM                     Learning Labs Session 1

  • A. Performance Management and Best Practices for Supervisors with Tammy Baker

This workshop will provide managers and supervisors with a practical approach to make the performance management process less intimidating.  Leave this session with action items to give you the confidence to do the most important job supervisors have to do…manage employees!

  • B. Combating Distraction and Enhancing Productivity: Technology Wellness for Nonprofits with Beth Kanter

Get ready for an interactive session to break your bad tech habits with a personal tech reboot and increase team and organizational productivity using technology tools. Happy Healthy Nonprofit author and Master Trainer Beth Kanter will help you assess the good, bad, and ugly changes rapid technology adoption has caused and how to protect yourself from technology burnout and collaborative technology tool overload. We’ll tackle common challenges, including how to: advocate for healthier collaboration in the workplace and avoid overload, assess the good, bad, and ugly changes that result from rapid technology adoption, and identify ways to encourage technology wellness in our workplaces.

  • C. Create a Website That Makes an Unforgettable First Impression: 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes with Andrea Shirey

In just 90 minutes, you’ll have 90 ideas to take your website from basic and bland to brilliant and beautiful. We’ll cover topics like how to identify the right type of website for your organization, six key items you must know about your website right now, and how to incorporate strategies you’re already using into your digital footprint. You’ll learn the secret to writing effective content and the easiest way to figure out what your audience wants to know. We’ll dip a toe in the water of creating visual appeal and gain a deeper understanding of how your social media channels can be a goldmine to increasing website traffic.

  • D. Panel Discussion: Best Practices for Working with State Agencies with Sue Chapman, Lance Schrader, Philip Uy, and Renee Margocee

Nonprofits and state government have a shared interest in working together to strengthen communities throughout the state. Working smoothly together requires a shared understanding of the role of both the public and nonprofit sector in serving our West Virginia constituents. Participants in this workshop will hear from a panel of state government representatives. Panelists will introduce the agency and role within the agency they represent and share tips and strategies for developing efficient and strong cross-sector relationships. Topics we expect to cover include grant awards, contract agreements, payment of reimbursements, and troubleshooting problems when they arise.

  • E. How to Get Your Board to Ask for Money with Jeanette Wojcik

This workshop is designed to be replicated by organizations who want to get their board members involved in raising money. The
materials review basic fundraising techniques as board members are prepared to make the ask. Participants will be sent copies of the PowerPoint presentation that they can edit and adapt for their own organizations.


3:00 – 4:30 PM                     Learning Labs Session 2

  • A. Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace with Tammy Baker

This session will discuss conflict in the workplace and why it isn’t all bad.  It will help identify the different types of conflict and provide step by step instructions for dealing with conflict in your workplace!

  • B. Panel Discussion: Best Practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Kenosha Davenport, Gabrielle Chapman, Tonia Thomas, and Kenyatta Grant

Panel members will have a robust dialogue about the successes, opportunities, and challenges of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Discussions include the various dimensions of diversity, opportunities to enhance inclusion, and relative impact of diversity and inclusion strategies. We ask that you come with an open mind and a desire to create change in your organization.

  • C. Shout It Out Loud: Equipping Donors and Volunteers to Tell Your Story with Becky Mathis-Stump

Our donors and volunteers can be powerful ambassadors for our organizations, but many are reluctant to tell our stories. In this
workshop, we will identify the most common reasons our donors and volunteers don’t share our stories, discuss strategies to overcome those barriers, and equip our donors and volunteers to shout our stories out loud.

  • D. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way – Cultivating the Ultimate Gift with Mike Bell

This session will illustrate how to integrate planned, or legacy, giving into your organization’s overall fundraising program. Case studies will explain marketing and promotion of planned giving, as well as explore potential ethical dilemmas. Participants will learn to explain common planned gift options, and group exercises will offer an opportunity to practice starting the conversation and overcoming common donor objections.

  • E. Storytelling: Clarifying Your Non-Profit Message with Tricia Kingery

Kingery & Company believes that nonprofits, foundations, and other do-gooders can only have an impact if people UNDERSTAND the importance of their work – not just WHAT they do, but WHY it matters. Understanding brings ACTION – help more people, improve communities, change lives. Years of experience has taught us that understanding begins with CLARIFYING your message and then COMMUNICATING it through planning, training, and marketing. So, the question is …how do you clarify your message? The answer is …through the power of storytelling.

  • F. Be Careful What You Wish For…You Just Might Get It: Meeting Grant Requirements with Violet Burdette

Grant approval is just the beginning. Make sure your organization can meet the strict requirements that often accompany grants or other funding resources. Do you have the assets in place to begin services in a timely manner, document and report findings accurately, and have energetic and informed staff? Learn techniques for implementation and oversight of funded program and capacity-building.


9:00 – 10:30 AM                  Learning Labs Session 3

  • A. Mystery to Magic: How Your Nonprofit Can Use Social Media to Inform, Engage, and Recruit with Sara McDowell and Chris Strub

Social media now allows nonprofits to share their story to inspire, connect, and build relationships that turn into communities of donors, volunteers, and ambassadors. Learn about: the different social media platforms available, how to measure the impact of social media through tools designed to give insight and measure Social ROI, and how to create content that captures your audience , gets them involved, and keeps their attention.

  • B. Fund Development: It Isn’t Rocket Science (Or Is It?) with Susan Adkins

If fund development isn’t rocket science, then why does it remain one of the hottest topics at nonprofit conferences and workshops? Funding remains the biggest concern of almost all nonprofits as everyone searches for the answer to sustainability. This workshop strives to provide new ideas and invigorate tried and true methods to help nonprofit leaders diversify and increase their funding streams. In this session, participants will explore traditional and nontraditional fundraising methods, discuss development of positive donor relationships, learn about developing businesses as sponsors, and share success stories of fund development in their respective organizations.

  • C. Nonprofit Board Governance: Putting the Pieces Together with Tasha Anderson

Board governance in nonprofits can be puzzling – especially for small nonprofits working in rural areas where human and financial resources are limited. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the nonprofit board throughout the life cycle of the organization is key to a sustainable nonprofit. The construct of this workshop will establish a shared understanding of board member responsibilities that will translate to a more positive nonprofit environment.

  • D. Can This Grant Be Saved? Ways to Improve Your Grant Writing Skills with Alice Ruhnke

This workshop, sponsored by Volunteer West Virginia, will help participants enhance their grant writing skills. Best practices in grant writing will be discussed and different grant applications will be presented to demonstrate “good’ and “bad” examples of proposals. Participants will learn new skills to include in their grants in addition to pitfalls to avoid. Finally, resources for life-long skill development will be provided.

  • E. Stop Wasting Time Managing Your Time! Manage Your Priorities Instead with David Ray

“How can I get it all done?” Many leaders have asked this question, but the truth of the matter is that it’s not your job to get it all done. Great leadership has always been characterized by getting the right things done, not by getting it all done. This is where time management falls short, and priority management excels! It is time to prioritize your most important projects, and this presentation will get you there.

  • F. Wellness for Organizational Health with Jeannie Harrison

This workshop will provide basic breathing, movement, and meditation techniques for a healthier work environment. Jeannie Harrison, Executive Director of Gro Huntington and Founder of the Karma Yoga Institute, teaches yoga for emotional intelligence, demonstrating through interactive workshops how to calm the mind, navigate tough times, and find your motivation. Perfect for team building or individual growth.

10:45 AM – 12:15 PM         Learning Labs Session 4

  • A. Your Personal Guidebook to Alignment, Balance, and Living Centered with Kami Wernimont

What do we know about when our values are not being honored? We get cranky, we get frustrated and we even get defensive. This session will explore what is important to us, who we are, and what we need to thrive. We will make a commitment to live in alignment with our values, creating a personal guidebook to a more balanced and centered life. In the words of Marianne Williamson, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

  • B. Questions and Answers About Cybersecurity with Mike Gallogly

If your organization uses the Internet, then you need to be aware of the benefits and dangers of operating in the 21st century.
We’ve all heard about security breaches and hacking exploits from large companies, government agencies, small business, health care organizations, and perhaps you or someone you know. If you think all you need is antivirus software, then think again…
In this session you will be introduced to the dark side of the Internet. We will share some simple effective steps to protect your
organization’s data and reputation. Each participant will receive a 14 step action sheet you can implement in a couple of weeks.
Time will be allocated for questions and answers from a Cybersecurity professional with years of experience dealing with nonprofit organizations, healthcare, and small business.

  • C. Where’s the Money? How to Find Funds and Work with Funders with Alice Ruhnke

This workshop, sponsored by Volunteer West Virginia, will provide participants with the skills and resources necessary to find grant funds from federal, state, and foundation sources. “Live” demonstrations of and GrantStation will be conducted during the session. Because finding funding sources is only the first step in the process of securing funds, best practices in developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with funders will be discussed and practiced.

  • D. New Approaches to Volunteerism: VolunTourism, Entrepreneurs, and Social Change Models with Danny Swan, Judy Rodd, Bill Kuhn, Kelly Stadelman, and Callie Cronin Sams

Volunteer West Virginia will convene a panel of practitioners of New Volunteer Models from around West Virginia. Together, we’ll explore how nonprofits can activate communities to solve problems using modern tools and approaches to drive social change. Have you heard of social enterprise? Here’s what it looks like for volunteering. Need to re-think your volunteer opportunities? Consider solving that problem with a fresh perspective. This panel format will introduce a few new ideas, share examples of successful projects, and leave plenty of time for Q & A.

  • E. Create a Plan to Promote Your Value with Emma Pepper

Your organization is awesome. You know it. Everyone on your team knows it. Your board knows it. But how many people outside of your organization know just how awesome you really are? Learn how to make a plan to show off your value to the world – and then create it. This plan can be applied to your entire organization or any associated programs and initiatives.

  • F. Meeting the Collaboration Challenge: Building Strategic Alliances with Jeanette Wojcik

Collaboration is the way to accomplish great things in our communities. This workshop will provide techniques for strengthening
coalitions that already exist and ways to begin new coalitions. The presentation will provide handouts for identification of coalition partners, finding the common ground, and sustaining the coalition.