Serving Nonprofits. Strengthening West Virginia.


After many years of discussion and consideration, the time has finally come for an association to help build capacity within West Virginia’s nonprofit organizations and to advance the sector as a whole. The WVNPA focuses on four¬†overarching functions:

  1. Provide a regionally delivered training platform that is developed according to the needs of the sector and each region.
  2. To serve as a gateway for accessing a wide range of benefits and services that strengthen individual organizations and, in turn, a platform for agencies and other service providers to reach nonprofits.
  3. To catalyze new thinking, best practices, and excellence in operations, planning, and achieving results.
  4. To advance the nonprofit sector in the public’s eye, both building awareness and public support for the importance and work of nonprofits, and bringing a voice to the policy arena.

We welcome you to explore the resources and information available on our website and to learn how membership in the West Virginia Nonprofit Association can help strengthen the impact and effectiveness of your organization.