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Designed with nonprofits in mind, this list contains information on service providers making it the ideal first stop for any organization in need of expert products or services tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits. Whether a nonprofit is looking for assistance with accounting, payroll, insurance, grant writing, communications, web design or a wide array of other service areas, the vendor listing is the place to begin the search for the service provider that best fits an organization’s unique needs and budget.

Are you interested in getting your business name on the Vendor Listing? Join the WVNPA as a Business-Consultant Member. Membership is beneficial for businesses, consultants, vendors and individuals who work with nonprofits. The WVNPA can help you establish your professional connections with West Virginia’s growing nonprofit sector.

The WVNPA encourages nonprofits to conduct their own research when selecting vendors. Appearing in this list does not imply endorsement by the WVNPA. Best practices for vetting a vendor include:

  1. Identify the vendors you need by category and/or region.
  2. Call the vendor references as provided in the yellow page listings.
  3. Contact each vendor directly to discuss your service needs and ask for a cost and time estimate.
  4. Compare estimates and make the best choice based on your organization’s need and budget.

If you have a bad experience with a vendor, please let us know immediately ( and contact the Secretary of State’s office at 304-558-6000.


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