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Census Resources & Articles

Update: Governor Justice Establishing Complete Count Committee in Preparation for 2020 Census

Voices from the Field: What the US Supreme Court’s Decision Means for Nonprofits – Tim Delaney, National Council of Nonprofits’ CEO, for Nonprofit Quarterly, June 28, 2019.

2020 Census State Complete Count Commissions Brochure – U.S. Census Bureau, January 2018.

2020 Census State Complete Count Committee Flyer – U.S. Census Bureau

2018 Policy Institute PowerPoint Presentation: Why Form a Complete Count Committee? – U.S. Census Bureau, December 14, 2018.

Counting for Dollars 2020: 16 Large Federal Assistance Programs that Distribute Funds on Basis of Decennial Census-derived Statistics (WV Data) – The George Washington University, August 18, 2017.

U.S. Census 2020 – National Council of Nonprofits

Nonprofits Already Eyeing 2020 Census, $800 Billion at Stake – The┬áNon Profit Times, June 6, 2018.

Why the 2020 Census Matters to Nonprofits – National Council of Nonprofits, May 23, 2018.


  • If hour household isn’t counted, you won’t be represented in a count that determines where roads, hospitals, and schools are built for a decade.

MOBILIZATION– Empowering our most-engaged constituents or allies to become Census messengers and push back against misinformation

  • One in four West Virginia residents live in a hard-to-count Census tract. Without greater participation in the 2020 Census, these communities will be in danger of missing out on federal funding for community resources and political representation.
  • Census champions (or some other term) and trusted community leaders are critical partners in communicating that the Census is safe, easy, and important.
  • Census champions model the importance of the Census and push back against misinformation.
  • An accurate Census count makes sure that our voices are given political representation.

Sample Mobilization Tweets

  • Pledge to be counted in the 2020 Census to help ensure a brighter future for West Virginia.
  • Make sure your friends and family understand the importance of being counted to endure a brighter future for West Virginia.
  • Volunteer to be a census champion at your school, community, job and neighborhood.
  • We only get one chance every ten years to get the count right. Pledge to be counted in the #2020Census and do your part to bring needed investment to your community.