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2020 Census Resources for Nonprofits

What Nonprofits Can Do / Take Action

*Update: Governor Justice Establishing Complete Count Committee in Preparation for 2020 Census

Nonprofits are encouraged to engage and help ensure a fair and accurate count, particularly in hard-to-count areas. Several ways to engage on the issue include:

  • Convene and educate community leaders and other stakeholders, including the media, about the Census.
  • Identify and partner with organizations and community stakeholders that are already connected to hard-to-count communities and have built strong relationships and trust.
  • Advocate to federal, state, and local lawmakers for funding to support census outreach efforts.
  • Work with state, county, tribal, and local government leaders to create and engage in Complete Count Committees (volunteer committees of government and community leaders from different sectors established to increase awareness about the census and promote participation).
  • Connect to national hubs (e.g., Census Project) that are providing resources to learn more about and engage in census advocacy.
  • Use the Census Project toolkits to take action.

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