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Coronavirus Advocacy Efforts

Our advocacy efforts during this difficult time are focused on checking in with West Virginia nonprofits to see what you are going through and what you may need. In that vein, we sent out a Flash Poll to nonprofits in the state to ask how the pandemic was affecting operations, revenue, staffing, and services the week of March 16. We will keep you updates as we analyze the data and make a plan for moving forward to support you.

Meanwhile, we are also advocating for our West Virginia nonprofits on both the state and federal levels as legislation to provide relief comes together, and we will continue to provide you with an analysis of legislation that affects you. Read on to learn more.

Results of our 2 Flash Polls

Links and Updates

Contacting Our Representatives

We’ve been busy contacting our Congressional delegation in Washington (see our communications to them below). We’ve been hearing back from them and want to thank them for their willingness to hear our collective nonprofit voice and their work to help nonprofits through this crisis.

If you would like to reach out to your Senators or Representatives, keep reading:

Letters Sent to our Reps