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Principle 3B: Board Structure eLearning Course

Course Description

This module covers Principle 3B from the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. Best practices include:

  1. The number, terms, and selection of board members are designed to create an effective governance structure, which can help the organization reach its goals.
  2. The members of the board are chosen to best represent the interests of the organization and reflect the diversity of its constituents.
  3. Committees and task forces are effectively designed to facilitate the work of the board. Committee functions follow the board’s role of governance; they do not mirror staff responsibilities.
  4. Board meetings are held at least quarterly and directors attend regularly.
  5. The board has adopted a conflict of interest policy that requires disclosure of actual and potential conflicts of interest, establishes procedures for dealing with conflict of interest transactions, and complies with all applicable laws.
  6. The organization maintains as permanent records the minutes of all meetings and financial and membership information.
  7. The board of directors has established a process for selecting new board members that ensures adequate infusion of new ideas and community perspectives, while preserving institutional memory.

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