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eLearning Courses: Based on WV Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

Back in 2015, the WVNPA developed our WV Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. Now, we are excited to offer you eLearning courses based on each individual Principle from the Principles and Practices. These self-paced classes offer you the opportunity to do a deep dive into what your organization should have in place to ensure efficacy and efficiency in achieving your mission and how to get there. Each course includes a downloadable student guide workbook you’ll use to do activities and record ideas on how you can improve your organization.

These eLearning classes are ideal for new Executive Directors, those just starting a nonprofit organization, nonprofit employees who want a refresh on a specific area or areas of their job, new or seasoned board members, those wanting to know more about how to achieve the benchmarks in our Principles and Practices, and anyone else who’s curious!  If you have decades of experience as a nonprofit leader and already feel you have a handle on all the minutiae of nonprofit operations, our current courses may be more of a review for you. Still wondering if these classes are right for you? Check out our Principles and Practices document, and ask yourself if you’re looking for more information on how to achieve the benchmarks set out for each Principle. If so, these courses are right for you!

WVNPA Members: $10/course or $50 for the Complete Bundle (make sure you’re logged in with your member username and password for these prices!)
Nonmembers: $15/course or $75 for the Complete Bundle

Click on a course, or course bundle, below to get started. You can always add additional courses before you check out. Once you complete the check out process, you will be able to access your purchased courses from your My Courses page. (Select course below and register before using this link.) Make sure you bookmark your My Courses page so you can pick up where you left off last time!


Register for Principle 1 – Missions and Programs
*This course discusses how to build effective vision and mission statements, and then how to use those statements to help build the programs that will make the organization successful. Click Here for a Full Description

Register for Principle 2 – Strategic Planning
*This course will help you to build/maintain a strategic plan, execute and fund the plan, and evaluate and modify the plan. Click Here for a Full Description

Register for Principle 3A – Governance: Board Roles
*This course will help you understand an organization’s legal requirements, and teach you the unique roles of the board of directors, including implementing succession plans and budgets.  Click Here for a Full Description

Register for Principle 3B – Governance: Board Structure
*This course includes information on board selection, committees, board meetings, board policies and records, and more. Click Here for a Full Description

Register for Principle 4A – Finances: Fund Development
This course will cover topics in fund development including best practices with donors, gift acceptance policies, communicating with funders, and board responsibilities when it comes to fund development. Click Here for a Full Description

Register for Principle 4B – Finances: Financial Management
*This course will cover managing a nonprofit’s finances, complying with legal and financial regulations, and the ethics of an organization’s fundraising.  Click Here for a Full Description

Register for the Complete Bundle (Principles 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4A & 4B)
*Includes all Courses listed above.

Looking for other Principles? We will continue to develop our eLearning classes for each Principle in the document. Check back soon for more developments!

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