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Principle 4A: Fund Development eLearning Course

Course Description

This module covers Principle 4A from the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. Best practices include:

  1. In soliciting financial support, the organization is committed to honoring donors’ intents, respecting their privacy, providing accurate information about how gifts will be spent, and employing ethical practices.
  2. The organization has established policies and procedures for accepting gifts other than cash, for properly accounting for gifts in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and for complying with IRS rules on acknowledging gifts and notifying donors of the value of any benefits conferred.
  3. Fundraising communications include clear, accurate, and honest information about the organization, its activities, and the intended use of funds.
  4. The nonprofit balances publicly recognizing charitable contributions with maintaining donor confidentiality, when requested.
  5. The organization does not share, trade, or sell contact information for any donor without prior permission from the donor.
  6. The board demonstrates responsibility for raising sufficient funds.

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