Serving Nonprofits. Strengthening West Virginia.

WVNPA Mission and Values

Our Mission:
The mission of the West Virginia Nonprofit Association is to strengthen the nonprofit sector by fostering a collective voice and providing mission focused resources. 

Our Vision:
Serving Nonprofits. Strengthening West Virginia.

Our Values:
West Virginia Nonprofit Association values include: Sound business practice; Quality service to our members; Continuous Improvement;  Promote  best practices and nonprofit trends; Collaboration to maximize impact; Education and information to increase knowledge and capacity; Inclusion of all nonprofits serving West Virginia wishing to participate; Adaptability and flexibility.

Our Strategic Plan:
WVNPA Strategic Plan Part 1
WVNPA Strategic Plan Part 2

WVNPA Annual Report and Yearly Accomplishments:
WVNPA Accomplishments 2018
WVNPA Accomplishments 2017
WVNPA Accomplishments 2016

WVNPA Accomplishments 2015
WVNPA Annual Report 2014

Serving nonprofits. Strengthening West Virginia