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Overtime Rule Resources

Getting Started: The new DOL overtime rules, which become effective December 1, 2016, make it even more important for every nonprofit to determine whether the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) apply to your nonprofit (“enterprise coverage”) or any of your employees (“individual coverage”). It takes a multi-step process to complete the analysis that each organization will need to do, so we’ve broken it down for you:

  • Step #1: Is our nonprofit, or any of our employees, covered by the FLSA?
  • Step #2: Have we classified our nonprofit’s workers correctly?
  • Step #3: Will we need to pay any of our employees overtime?
Here are some vetted resources to help walk you through these steps:
A Deeper Dive: These resources are for those nonprofits wishing to explore the Overtime issue more deeply. They are more technical and longer than the resources listed above.
Webinar Recordings:

More information:

National Council of Nonprofits Overtime Survey Results: The National Council of Nonprofits has now compiled data from a survey with more than a thousand nonprofit respondents from all 50 states in regards to the overtime rule. To learn about their findings, read the executive summary, full report, and infographic.